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About BullyRun Coffee LLC

Meet thee BullyRun Coffee mascot! Nifty our Bull Terrier!


Since being established in 2018, BullyRun Coffee LLC has been known for finding the best coffees the world has to offer. We believe that coffee should never be over roasted, that it just makes it bitter and unpleasant to drink. We do believe that our coffee roaster's goal is to bring you great tasting coffees that are roasted to perfection! That gives our coffees the great smelling aromas, and notes to the hint of a fruity cherry taste that we know you will love! So enjoy your cup of coffee and remember it's not just a coffee run anymore it's a BullyRun Coffee! 

 New BullyRun Coffee Antique Corner offer great antique, vintage and collectibles!

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Our clients from 2021& 2022


The College of Wooster

Medina Antique Mall

The Element of Funky Junk Boutique 

Jason Adams Estate Sale

Journey in Time

Crossroads Hospice

Kiko - Realtor, Auctioneers &Advisors

Dayton Nursery 


Roger's Flea Market


Our Services

Here’s What We Provide

BullyRun Coffee LLC is here to help meet your needs, for your next event! Please Contact us for more information 330.413.6658 or email us at


Customer Service Call

Have questions?  Let us help you! We are here for you, to go over any questions or concerns you may have.


Scheduled Delivery

We want all of our customers to be happy. We can ship your coffee out of state, local delivery or weekend  pickups, at the Medina Antique Mall located in the café area. We will work hard, so we can get you the very best products as quickly as possible.

Online Shopping

Shopping Consultation

Need help finding the right coffees to pick from? Do you need help planning your next event? Let us help you answer all those questions. Please Call:  330.413.6658


BullyRun Online Shop

Coffee Beans


Check Out Our Online Shop

choose Coffee LLC offers over 12 wonderful different types of coffees, choose from. Our coffees come in 12 oz. bags, whole bean or ground.  Please check out our online shop, for payments to process your online orders as we do take Credit Card using the BullyRun Coffee Terminal Please Call 330.413.6658

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Website is Open 24 Hour




Jeremy Miller - Owner

Massillon, OH, USA


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